BJP's question to Channi Sarkar - Who leaked information about PM Modi's route, why did DGP give clearance?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has slammed the Channi government of the state for lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Union minister Smriti Irani said there was a need to answer the question as to who gave false clearance to the security convoy and who leaked information about the route the prime minister was to take.
“The BJP workers and the country need to ask the Congress government in Punjab this question that why did the DGP give route clearance to the Prime Minister's convoy? Who is the person in the Punjab government who informed the people on top of the flyover about the Prime Minister's route?
'Earlier there was no lapse in PM's
 security in any state' Referring to the security breach, he said that never before in the history of our country has any state failed to secure the security of the PM. The minister questioned, “When the officials guarding the Prime Minister approached the Punjab Police regarding the status of the Prime Minister's convoy over the flyover, no one responded. That 20 minutes was pretty risky. There was a major breach in the security of the prime minister."

Congress government tried to harm PM: Minister
 Sharpening his attack on the administrative lapse, he said, "I am sure the country shares our outrage over this incident. We know that Congress party hates PM Modi but today they tried to harm the Prime Minister of India. The law and order situation in the state of Punjab has collapsed in such a way that the DGP claims that he is unable to provide security assistance to the Prime Minister's Office and the Prime Minister.
Smriti Irani said that people like us get angry that when the Prime Minister breached the security, Congress leaders jumped with joy and asked him how was his enthusiasm. She was referring to a tweet by Congress leader BV Srinivas, who had tweeted, "Modi ji, how is the josh?" The minister also said that the MHA has sought a report on the issue.